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On April 1st this year (2010) a report from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that, “Regular use of multivitamin-multimineral supplements may be associated with higher mean breast density among premenopausal women. The relations of multivitamin-multimineral supplement use to breast density and breast cancer risk need to be clarified.”

By reading that statement on its own and out of context one could assume the absolute validity of the report. However, when you get into the details of the report you find out of the ~1,600 women in the study there was a less than 3% increase in one of the control groups of ~750 and NO increase in the other group.

A  study done in Denmark…“suggested an increased risk of breast cancer associated with the use of several multivitamin types…” While a study of women in North Carolina concluded…“multivitamin use was not associated with breast cancer risk in North Carolinian women.” A similar finding done by The Nurses Health Study  that looked at the association of commonly used multivitamins with breast cancer risk concluded…“null results were found among premenopausal and postmenopausal women.”

Multivitamins are good, multivitamins are bad…multivitamin use increases risk for breast cancer…there is no link between multivitamin use and increased risk of breast cancer. Contradictory findings with controversial results. So, who do you believe?

The one factor missing from ALL of these reports were the type of supplement, i.e. pill, capsule, gelcap, liquid etc.etc. I believe THIS is the most important variable of all the studies to date.

The vast majority of multivitamin and multivitamin/mineral supplements are in a pill or capsule form. Some are in a liquid form and only a very very few are in a liquid whole food form.

Most of the mass marketed vitamins are composed of isolated chemicals. Some of these isolated chemicals are actually considered toxic by the EPA in our drinking water IN the amounts found in these OTC mass marketed vitamins.

My educated opinion is this is the reason for the contradictory results and conclusions reported by these multivitamin supplement studies. Poor, sub-quality supplements give poor, sub-quality results which could lead to a decrease in overall health.

I do believe that cancer is preventable through proper supplementation of high quality whole foods. I did NOT say curable…I said I believe cancer is preventable. And here is why…

In terms of nutrition, studies have shown that a diet that is rich in fiber, fresh fruit and vegetables, and whole grains actually helps the body to fight cancer. I would take a very radical approach, which is to eat all raw foods and lots of vegetable juices.

In terms of the Life Force products, like Body Balance I take on a daily basis, there are definitely some wonderful nutritional advantages—so let’s start there.

First of all people with any type of cancer require higher than normal amounts of Vitamin A. However, taking an isolated Vitamin A can be highly toxic in the amounts required. Body Balance is very high in natural carotenoids, which are the precursors to Vitamin A. What that means is that the carotenoid complex is what the body uses to create Vitamin A, so it is the best and safest form to use. Carotenoids actually enhance natural killer cell activity, and low carotene levels have been associated with cancer.

There is often severe mineral depletion that needs to be balanced as much as possible, and it is well known that sea vegetation protects the body from radiation damage. All nutrients are essential for normal cell division and function, and a form that is easily assimilated is really vital.

The other Life Force  product I take every day is a liquid calcium/mineral supplement called OsteoOmegaCare. OsteOmegaCare is also highly recommended for cancer prevention, as calcium, magnesium, potassium and Vitamin D are all important for the treatment of many forms of cancer.

Added to this is the fact that when a person has a condition such as cancer, the body has become very acidic. Calcium is the most alkalizing of all nutrients, and essential in bringing the pH back to some form of equilibrium. (It is said that cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment.) Calcium also protects in that it prevents precancerous cells from becoming cancerous.

Amino acids in a bio-available form are highly beneficial in cancer prevention. Life Force’s amino product, AminoCharge has a couple of very important things
going for it……soy protein contains two isoflavones called genestein and diadzein, that act as antioxidants and have shown to protect against most forms of cancer. . There is a therapy that is used for cancer treatment called Antineoplastin therapy, that uses amino acid derivatives to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. The different aminos have specific parts to play here. For instance, carnitine protects against damage from free radicals and toxins; glutathione is essential for the functioning of the immune system, and has always been found to be deficient in cancer patients; taurine functions as foundation for tissue and organ repair and is essential for white blood cell activation; cysteine detoxifies harmful substances and is particularly important for the liver and other organs, and has shown preventative effects against cancer.

Eating a diet full of vegetables, especially green vegetables has been endorsed by the American Cancer Society as a good dietary step towards cancer prevention. Sadly, most of us do not eat the 8 servings of fruits and vegetables recommended by the ACS.

Life Force’s TrueGreens supplement is full of phytochemical compounds that are leading the way in cancer research. Chlorophyll is also a powerful cancer fighter as well as a whole body detoxifier.

Life Force’s newest product, TruBoost contains potassium d-glucarate, a natural substance found in fruits and vegetables. Many studies have shown it to be highly protective against cancer.

The healing benefits of d-glucarate were actually discovered by researchers at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, the second largest cancer center in the United States. TruBoost also contains two adaptogenic herbs, ashwaganda and tulsi, that have been shown to enhance energy levels while helping to alleviate fatigue.

Other Recommendations: A good Coenzyme Q10 product plus Coenzyme A is also something I would look at. COQ10 is vital for improving cell oxygenation, while COA facilitates the repair of RNA and DNA and supports the immune system’s detox of many dangerous substances. It can also streamline metabolism, ease depression and fatigue, and increase energy.

Flaxseed (found in OsteOmegaCare) has been shown to prevent the spread of
cancer. As well, it has wonderful antioxidant properties. EFA’s are needed to metabolize COQ10. Good sources of EFA’s include flaxseed oil, fish oil, borage oil and olive oil.

In terms of diet, limit consumption of dairy products—a little yoghurt, kefir or raw cheese occasionally is sufficient.

Do NOT consume any of the following: peanuts, junk foods, processed refined foods, saturated fats, salt, sugar or white flour. Also DO NOT eat any animal products, ESPECIALLY things like luncheon meats, hot dogs, or smoked or cured meats.

Get a juicer, and make up fresh vegetable juices. The best ones are carrot, beet and cabbage juice. Also apple juice is good to add to any of these to make them more palatable.

Eat plenty of fresh veggies and fruit, as well as whole grains such as millet and brown rice. (Millet is actually a good source of protein). Soaked almonds are wonderful, as they contain laetril, which has anticancer properties. Just soak them in water overnight and rinse them in the morning.

Eat as many tomatoes and tomato-based products as you want. Lycopene, an antioxidant agent in tomatoes protects cells from oxidants associated with cancer, especially pancreatic cancer.

Drink spring or steam-distilled water, not tap water. Bathing in chlorinated water is in some ways even worse than drinking it, as it is highly absorbable through the skin. If possible filter all the water, and if not, take showers instead of baths.

Drinking green tea is also helpful, as it is high in certain antioxidants that have been shown to fight cancer.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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