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By now you have been blasted non stop by all the talking heads on TV about Japan’s nuclear reactor crisis. The problem is, over 95% of what these “experts” were reporting was highly inaccurate or blatantly not true.

How do I know this? Well, I worked in the nuclear energy field for over 14 years. My job was to monitor and control both radiation and contamination during the refueling of nuclear reactors for the U.S. Navy. I was trained in emergency response for just such a reactor accident that is happening right now in Japan.

There has been a lot of talk about taking potassium iodide tablets. The premise is that these tablets will flood your thyroid with iodine so your body won’t absorb the radioactive Iodine 131 that was vented from the damaged reactors. This is true BUT taking these pills could cause side effects that would be worse than any radiation exposure from I-131 here in the U.S.

In my educated opinion the amount of exposure to ANY of the radiation from these damaged nuclear plants is extremely low.

However, if you feel you would rather be safe than sorry and feel you need to be proactive and want to protect yourself and your family, I have a better, natural alternative to those iodine tablets.

I strongly suggest you start eating seaweed or taking a seaweed supplement.
Please read the following articles:

“Seaweed for protection against radiation”

“Kelp yourself to some seaweed”

Sea vegetables can protect us from a wide range of toxic elements in the environment, including heavy metals (most dental fillings still contain them) and radiation by-products, converting them into harmless salts that we can eliminate. The natural iodine in sea greens can reduce by almost 80% the radioactive iodine-131 absorbed by the thyroid.

I have been taking a “seaweed” supplement for over 7 years. It’s called Body Balance. Body Balance is a blend of 9 species of sea vegetables in organic Aloe Vera. Body Balance is a liquid WHOLE food which contains a high source of natural Iodine.

Click here for more info: Body Balance

You can also view a short video on Body Balance here:

Why Body Balance?

I hope you found this information educational and realized that being proactive about your health should be a priority before an accident of any kind occurs. Body Balance is an excellent proactive step towards maintaining long lasting health.

For more information you can email me directly at:  healthy_lifestyle@roadrunner.com

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