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Walk up to a friend or family member and ask them this question, “Would you rather have a penny doubled every day for 30 days or $1000 cash right now?” What do you think their answer would be? I bet most of them would jump at the $1000 cash offer immediately.
Sadly, to often people are looking for the fast cash, the instant gratification, never understanding the power in the principals of what I call “compounding duplication.”
Now, back to our greedy cousin who jumped at the easy and fast $1000. He doesn’t realize how much money he just lost.

Let’s see just how much money our lazy cousin lost…here goes:

Day 1: hey, you have one shiny new penny!
Day 2: double that and now you have two pennies…see how this works?
Day 7: WOW, you now have 64 cents…won’t buy you much yet will it?
Day 14: Two weeks into our compounding we now have $82…looking better
Day 21: Three weeks down and we have $10,486…how did that happen?
Day 28: If this is February and not a leap year you have $1,342,177…HOLY HANNAH!
Day 30: You can round this up to a cool $5,000,000…yes that’s a “5” with six zeros after it!
Day 31: You will have made ~ $10,000,000 in ONE MONTH!

Oh, by the way, our greedy cousin already spent his $1000 on new tires, a 12-pack and a lift kit for his 4×4.

Our network marketing business operates in much the same way. Here is one of the best-kept secrets in the network marketing industry and is crucial for you to understand…

All you need to do to become insanely rich is sponsor one person a month AND teach that person to do the same thing.

“WHAT?” your greedy cousin who comes by twice a week for gas money says in disbelief, “How can 12 people make you rich?” Your cousin still does not understand the power of “compounding duplication.” If you sponsor only one person each month and then teach that person to go out and sponsor one person each month and so on and so on, after 12 months you will have over…
4000 people in your group!

Remember! You only brought in one person every month but through the power of “compounding duplication” you now have over 4000 people in your down line.
Imagine having financial freedom in one year. What if it took 2 years or even 5? Wouldn’t it still be worth it? No other business can provide you with so much power and leverage, none.

Wealth is created through leverage and “compounding duplication” IS LEVERAGE!

John F. Obraza
Healthy LifeStyle Marketing

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Research published in Environmental Science and Technology Journal, (Dasgupta P, Liu Y, et al.) has revealed that iodized salt is not likely to contain the amount of iodine it’s supposed to, and even if it did, many Americans are cutting back on salting home-cooked meals.

Because excessive sodium intake can increase hypertension risks, many agencies now recommend reducing salt intake. A 1995 report found 58% of men and 68% of women reported never using salt, using “lite” salt, or rarely using ordinary table salt. In addition, the use of iodized salt is not mandatory in the U.S., and virtually all of the salt used in restaurants and processed foods in the U.S. is not iodized, leaving Americans at high risk for iodine deficiency.

Why should we be concerned? Iodine is necessary for the body’s production of thyroid hormones, which, in addition to regulating metabolic rate, direct brain development, making iodine critical starting in the first trimester of pregnancy through adolescence.

Lack of sufficient iodine is the leading cause of preventable mental retardation in the world. Even a mild iodine deficit in pregnant women, infants, and children, can lower intelligence by 10-15 IQ points, lessening an individual’s mental abilities throughout life.

Public-health studies over the past 30 years indicate that iodine levels in the U.S. population, particularly in women of childbearing age, are too low.

In an editorial in the New England Journal of Medicine entitled “Iodine Nutrition – More is Better,” thyroidologist Robert Utiger of Harvard Medical School urges that the recommended daily intake of iodine be increased to 300 to 400 mcg.

Medical research has proven that the highest source of dietary iodine is found in sea vegetables. Since eating sea vegetables is seldom part of our Western diet, more and more Americans are suffering from iodine deficiencies. The segment of our population MOST AT RISK…pregnant women and children.

This IS a preventable health problem…you can find a variety of sea vegetable sources on the Internet. The best source would be from a reputable company who tests every batch of their product.

The ONLY company I recommend is Life Force International, Life Force International has been manufacturing a liquid, organic, whole food product called Body Balance for over 22 years. Body Balance is a blend of 9 species of sea vegetables in a base of organic Aloe Vera. Body Balance has over 120 vitamins, minerals and vital trace-minerals essential for proper nutrition.

In fact, 2 ounces of Body Balance provides ~ 195mcg of Iodine. 4 ounces ~ 390mcg of Iodine. This is in alignment with Dr. Utiger’s recommended daily amount.

For more information about Body Balance please contact me:

John Obraza


Email: healthy_lifestyle@roadrunner.com

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